Nothing More’s Rise Continues at South Side Ballroom in Dallas

The wait was worth it. It was late 2017 when Nothing More last visited Dallas with an extensive set planned for fans, fans who have only grown more ardent during that time, all the while welcoming more converts into the fold. That earned the once little band from San Antonio, Texas a spot at one of North Texas finest mid-level venues: South Side Ballroom.

Their supporters didn’t let them down, showing up in force, the venue being close to capacity as upwards of a couple thousand people gradually filed in, ready for the gritty and raw rock ‘n’ roll experience that Nothing More never fails to provide. They didn’t disappoint. Squeezing in the majority of 2017’s The Stories We Tell Ourselves into their 85-minute long set as well several highlights from their self-titled record and even a couple fun surprises. Enough time had passed that fans were familiar with everything from their latest record, relishing the opportunity to experience some deeper cuts from it live, most singing along to every last word. Enjoyable as the song selection was, it was the performance that left everyone in awe.

Jonny Hawkins, Mark Vollelunga, Daniel Oliver and Ben Anderson are live wires when they hit the stage, that’s just common knowledge at this point. However, with their growing success, graduating to more sizable venues and having to entertain larger crowds, they’ve managed to grow right along with it. On this night they were more dynamic than anyone had ever seen them, absolutely owning the stage and rocking the place with a passion as they shared deeply personal tales and made plenty of bold statements concerning the society that we are a part of.

The concert surpassed all expectations anyone went in with, Nothing More proving that not only have they earned the position they have found themselves in but that they’re still hungry for more. And so long as they continue to value the close relationship that they have with their fans – that bond being constantly highlighted on this particular night – then there’s little doubt that they will just continue to ascend the ranks.


Convict / Divide
Let ’em Burn
Christ Copyright
Don’t Stop
Funny Little Creatures
Alone / Together
Go to War
Do You Really Want It?
React / Respond
The Great Divorce
Still in Love
Ocean Floor
This Is the Time (Ballast)
First of the Year (Equinox) (Skrillex cover)
We Will Rock You(Queen cover)
Salem (Burn the Witch)

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