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STONE BROKEN | SPINEFARM RECORDS: Rich Moss – Vocals / Guitar | Chris Davis – Guitar / Vocals | Kieron Conroy – Bass | Robyn Haycock – Drums / Vocals

Stone Broken

Upon the release of Stone Broken’s Heartbeat Away, their first single from the AIN’T ALWAYS EASY, I had a chance to talk with RICH MOSS, front man for the band. I thought I would revisit this interview as it is still relevant, especially with the next release called Worth Fighting For. 

As you read this interview, remember that things important to you are always Worth Fighting For. (And you can watch the video below.) Whatever that might be. Something that spawns a reaction, a feeling, or makes you move, fight for it. Because fighting for something that you believe in, will always keep you engaged, informed, and will allow you to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.

First, the track is a rock song through and through. I love Rich’s voice and how it blends with the music; it’s rock and roll not rocket science. It’s supposed to make us feel good or in Heartbeat Away’s case feel something. That brings me to the next reason of why this song and the band STONE BROKEN grabbed my attention. If you’re familiar with this band, this is a common denominator throughout the whole album including the new single Worth Fighting For. Their ability to pick you up off a seat, where ever you may be seated. If you saw them on tour with FOZZY you saw how they lifted the audience up, and prepared them for all things rock! Live, this band is fun, talented, and can bring the house down!

“The subject of Heartbeat Away is a little closer to home than most of the other songs I have written,” says Rich Moss. “Seeing the impact that domestic violence has on a person you are close to and the way it affects the people around them isn’t a very nice thing to experience. I thought it was time to shine a light on something that usually happens behind closed doors, hidden away from the rest of the world. When people listen to this song, I think they will know that it’s personal and that I mean every word.”

When music allows an artist to talk about an issue, or bring it to the forefront to be heard by fans, or increase the awareness it becomes therapeutic for the artist and the listener. 

But STONE BROKEN had the courage to bring it to light, and at the very least, put the issue on the table so that it could be thought about, discussed, and acknowledged. When I had the opportunity to interview RICH MOSS, singer for STONE BROKEN I wanted to talk about the song and its meaning to him.

Let’s talk about the subject of “Heartbeat Away” – as difficult as it is to have a dialogue about domestic abuse, I think we have to start talking out LOUD about it, right? I mean in terms of the volume of the discussions is what needs to be loud. How are you affected by domestic abuse?

Rich : I totally agree, these sorts of issues tend to go under the radar, and they seem like taboo subjects, which need to be addressed and talked about. I have been close to people who have been in an abusive relationship, and it’s tough watching how it can change someone…they can be the most outgoing and confident person, but over time they can completely change to someone who doesn’t want to socialise or even leave the house, and it’s so sad!

Why is this issue so difficult for people to understand? On both sides of the issue? Victims often return to their abuser a total of 7 times before they finally leave or the abuser harms them so bad or ends their lives. Why does this happen?

Rich : I think it’s difficult to understand the seriousness of the whole thing unless you have either experienced or witnessed it happening. It’s not just people arguing and getting into fights, it’s WAY deeper than that. A lot of the time it’s psychological too, which may be why the victims return to the abuser, they will lose all self confidence because the abuser has made them feel worthless and that there are no other options.

On the flip side, friends, family, and society are excruciatingly intolerant of the victim returning to the abuser. They don’t understand how the victim can subject themselves again, think that the abuser will change, that it was only one time, etc. Yet, often times the only thing to do is to love the victim from afar and be there when something happens or provide support – in your experience, how do or have you dealt with the denial and the fact that victims will return to those that harm them?

Rich : That is a really tough situation to be in as someone who is outside of the whole issue, because you want to support the victim as much as possible. The last thing you want is for them to go back, but you can’t stop them if they want to. You don’t want to push them away but you also don’t want them to think that you condone it, it’s a really delicate balance. I guess the most important thing is to let them know that you will always be there for them no matter what.

Stone BrokenAs an artist, how hard was it for you to speak out about this issue? I admire you and the band for taking a stand and creating a song that is so vividly depicted. It’s truly amazing and I completely admire STONE BROKEN as a whole, for raising that awareness even more.

Rich : It was actually really easy to speak about it once you decide to go for it. There was a little war going on in my head before writing it, should I, shouldn’t I? But then I started to write it and it materialised really quickly, and that’s when I knew that I had to get it off my chest and tell people about it. You never really know how a song will go down with fans, when you are wearing your heart on your sleeve you can feel quite vulnerable, but the reaction has been amazing, lot’s of people coming forward and telling us about their situations…and THAT is what this song was supposed to do, get people speaking about it.

I want you to link me to a band that you think I need to know about. Tell me why you dig them and what your favorite song is. Of course, this isn’t an endorsement or the whatnot – just you guys telling me about a band that I might not otherwise hear about. 😊 (Side Note: Rich, I had the opportunity to see LIKE A STORM this summer and you’re right, they totally rock!)

Rich : Recently I have been listening to a band called “Like A Storm” from New Zealand…you may have heard of them ages ago, but over here in the UK we are one step behind! The first song that I heard by them was a track called “Wish You Hell”, since then I have been hooked. They have riffs, massive choruses and catchy melodies…similar to how we write…and they aren’t scared of writing a softer track…and they do that well too! They also have a didgeridoo on a track too…how can you not admire that!!

Last question, what are you feeling on the eve of the release of your second record? I think in some regards, the 2nd record might be the hardest one to let go of. Talk about what all had to happen leading up to this record and some of the emotions, reactions, and such that STONE BROKEN went through to get to this point, right now.

Rich : I’m excited! I think writing any record always takes its toll on you emotionally, mentally and physically…just because you are always pushing yourself to write better and perform better, it’s always in the back of your mind that you have to do better than you did on the last record, but you have to try and forget about that and just do what comes naturally. This whole record was written in 6 weeks, which, compared to how long we spent on the first record was a very short amount of time. All of this added together made the whole writing process quite stressful, but when you listen back to the finished record it all becomes worth it. We are all incredibly proud of this record and we hope that everyone else enjoys it too.

Heartbeat Away OMV

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