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Time Flies, But Connections Remain The Same


A 20th Anniversary comes around only once, right? In 2018, when a band like THE GOO GOO DOLLS commemorates their release DIZZY UP THE GIRL that’s something to celebrate! As technology moves at the speed of light, shooting new music of new bands at us like the Millennium Falcon jams through space – of course that’s once that finicky hyper-drive works! But look, here’s the deal, CD’s have anniversaries all the time, but bands that can still produce from these records and tour from these now, classic releases are the ones that get a special medal, or a prize or something. Or a sold out tour, how about that? I think that’s all a band could ever want, right?

JOHNNY RZEZNIK and ROBBY TAKAC, the hub and core of THE GOO GOO DOLLS are celebrating one such milestone with the 20th Anniversary release of Dizzy Up The Girl which dropped on September 22, 1998. Ahh the late 90’s!! The late 90’s were, for me, that odd time when I was technically a grown up, chronologically. I thought I knew a lot of things and was trying to come into my own, I guess. Maybe? At 29, I worked for a global tax, audit, and consulting firm. I drove a 1988 Pontiac Fiero which was white, small, and totally badass. I wish I still had that car today TBH. I was single-ish, and I lived in a sweet condo that I absolutely adored!

Advancing the time machine forward twenty years to 2018 at a THE GOO GOO DOLLS show at House Of Blues – Dallas, amidst now grown up fans of the band, I wondered if JOHNNY and ROBBY were going to be able to bring it as they did back in the day. I wondered if fans were still going to have that connection to the band that they did when they were 19 or 25, twenty years later. And more importantly, I wanted to see if I could visibly see this connection between that core fan of decades and his or her favorite band.

As I tried to make my way to the front to shoot the first three songs amongst pillar-like fans (because they weren’t moving for jack) and find a place that I could gain the best shots. Normally, photographers would be behind the barriers, however that wasn’t an option. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to capture the moment from a jam-packed floor where all anyone wants to do is hold their phones up in the air like a flag as they record or go live on socials, only there’s no surrendering! It is like a full on hostile takeover of that airspace and everyone else behind them be damned! Now, I get it, it’s only for a few seconds (so you think) and everyone else is doing it, so I can too. Something my Mother used to say to me ad nauseum when I was growing up comes to mind so I’ll share it with y’all, “Well, if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” is the phrase I heard a lot back when I was a teen and even into my adult years believe it or not! But let me tell you that which you already know because I’m sure it grates on your nerves when someone in front of you does that: it is annoying and IMHO, kinda rude. Don’t you agree? (Hint for all you guys and dolls that love to extend your phones up in the air like that, not only does it annoy the people behind you – even for a minute, but you actually don’t get a better angle. If you just hold the phone directly in front of your neck, through the crowd, you get a more realistic shot of the band. It’s all about angles…anyway, I digress…). Ok, ok, ok – I’m off the soapbox. #putyourphonedown

THE GOO GOO DOLLS came on stage to a roaring crowd, obviously excited and pumped up to see the band and hear their fav’s from Dizzy Up The Girl. As the melody for Slide started, the audience erupted like a mountain spewing girl and dude screams instead of hot molten lava. JOHNNY held the mic out for the crowd to sing along and we all did. Dizzy Up The Girl, is the record that some attribute to the band being tossed in the pool with the other mainstreamers back then and some would say the five records prior determined their fate and that Dizzy was just the finger flick they needed. Personally, I remember listening to THE REPLACEMENTS around 1996 or so and pairing them like Chianti and fava beans with THE GOO GOO DOLLS.

I dig music that hides within lyrics, a somber or dark side of the band or singer and I remember a while back, seeing a group of girls rockin’ out, smiling, and being like young girls will be, to Slide at a concert and I’m not sure if it was the band performing it or if it was piped through the PA, but as I watched, I thought, “I wonder if they know what that song is really about.”. In fact, a lot of the songs on Dizzy touch on some pretty seeded issues that 1998 held in its grip. Teen pregnancy, homelessness, runaways, a touch of that hopelessness that were hiding in the end of the 1900’s. But THE GOO GOO DOLLS were masters at disguising these dangerous feelings and thoughts that I think we all felt in ‘98, to some degree. And thank the Rock Gods that they could dress those dark thoughts and realizations that we thought might not be real, or couldn’t happen to us, up in Sunday bests, patent shoes that shined bright, and a smile that hides more than knowing the meaning of lyrics of songs, ya know?

Now, we’re older and maybe somewhat wiser, wouldn’t you say? I’d like to think so. I don’t think I’m fundamentally the same as the girl that looked like me twenty years ago. I had no idea what I was going to be when I grew up, love wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be, and I kept relying on people to give me happiness, strength, and confidence instead of pulling those attributes from myself. I will say that music, specifically music from THE GOO GOO DOLLS helped connect my trolley car to go down the right tracks, though.

And that’s what everyone in the venue was there for last night, October 3rd. Fans went to this show to make that connection again to a band that was so important then and remains important now. Connections found in music make things in our lives count; memories, joy, pain, and happy times and not so happy times. Dizzy Up The Girl from THE GOO GOO DOLLS remains connected with fans even twenty years later and watching the band perform it, you can see where they are connected to fans and their music because you can see it in the way they sing, the smiles, the joy that is beaming from their whole being while on stage. And for them, this is what music is and what they finally consented to fully understanding within themselves.

The band has other stops and you can find all the dates on the band’s Facebook Events Page.

Til Next Time – Cherri

FYI: Fun Facts About 1998

Most Popular Names Of Babies Born in 1998: Michael | Hannah
Generation Adults In 1998: Gen X, Gen Y / Millennials
Gen X
Born: 1966-1976
Coming of Age: 1988-1994
Age in 2004: 28 to 38
Current Population: 41 million
Gen Y/MillennialS
Born: 1977-1994
Coming of Age: 1998-2006
Age in 2004: 10 to 22
Current Population: 71 million
Date in Roman Numerals: IX • XXII • MCMXCVIII
Facts About Dizzy Up The Girl: The record sold 6 million albums worldwide, went 4x platinum in the US and had five top 10 singles, including “Iris” (3 GRAMMY nominations, Certified Platinum, 275M Spotify Streams) and “Slide” (Certified Gold, 57M Spotify Streams).
Released: Tuesday, September 22, 1998
New Music Tuesdays?? New music used to come out on different days of the week according to what country the release was made in and if the band was signed or independent, the US released mainstream new music on Tuesdays and this was so that there was fairness internationally for stores to get the records in and ready to sell. Up until 2015 when it was changed to Fridays for all styles and major and minor label releases due to the infiltration of the internet and digital delivery.
US President: President Clinton addressed the UN and told them to stop making nuclear weapons and was able to dodge Impeachment as Congress looked for another means of punishment.
White Zombie broke up in 1998.
KISS released Psycho-Circus in 1998.

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