New Artist JACLYN KENYON Releases Tombstone OMV (Official Music Video) Off Debut EP

New Artist JACLYN KENYON Releases Tombstone OMV (Official Music Video) Off Debut EP

September 28, 2018 at 3:10 pm


New Artist JACLYN KENYON Releases Tombstone OMV (Official Music Video) Off Debut EP

OnTourMonthly doesn’t just give you the news on all the latest Rock Music News! Committed to bringing you music news from any genre of music, when we find a new artist that is about to debut a record that you need to know about, we bring it to you! And JACLYN is an artist you need to know about even if you don’t listen to country music! We’re betting that you know someone that does listen to country though, right? And if you do, well you’re going to want to share this artist to that friend because JACLYN has the talent that with hard work and a keen talent, has the potential to become a household name, just like country stars like CARRIE UNDERWOOD, FAITH HILL, OR DOLLY PARTON even! (And yes, you heard it here! Check out the brilliantly talented JACLYN KENYON and see if you think we’ve made the call or if we missed the mark in saying JACLYN has the talent!

Country artist JACLYN KENYON has released the official music video for her newest single, “Tombstone” Directed by Jordan Davies, the Mike Krompass produced track is the second single off of her upcoming, debut EP. “Tombstone”.

“Tombstone will bring you back to every heartbreak you’ve ever felt. The things you allow in life are the things that will continue and sometimes you have to realize that you’re in charge of your own happiness and that happiness might just mean it’s better to let go.”Jaclyn Kenyon


Not knowing who you want to be is a normal part of growing up. Sometimes you have to search again and again to find your voice and who you are. Most importantly, being confident enough at a young age to keep pushing yourself and having the drive to succeed and work hard is why Jaclyn Kenyon is poised to make a real impact in Music.

With influence from such legends as Shania TwainCarrie UnderwoodMichael Jackson, and excited about such newer young female artists like Maren MorrisKelsea BalleriniCarly Pearce, “A little Rock n’ Roll and A LOT Country” is what you can see and feel just by meeting this 21-year-old Ontario native, who has been going back and forth to Nashville since she was a teenager.

Always a strong performer, Jaclyn has been on the stage since the age of 12, when she was the youngest performer ever in Canada’s all-female artist showcase Honey Jam, competing against artists twice her age. This prestigious showcase, Canada’s largest and best known, had launched the careers of Nelly Furtado and Jully Black.

At 15 years old Jaclyn caught the eye of world-renowned vocal coach and multi-platinum producer “Mama” Jan Smith who immediately saw her raw talent. “Jaclyn, as a writer, I believe she can write for anybody,” Mama Jan said of Jaclyn, “Stylistically, she really doesn’t have a lot of limits, which is awesome.”

After that Jaclyn was fortunate enough to learn more about herself as an artist with multi-platinum writers and producers in Nashville and Los Angeles where she spent time trying to find what inspires her

People have always had me try and sing different styles, whether it was Country, Rock or Pop. I’ve always gone along and tried every idea to find my voice. I’ve even had producers make me sing ‘hard rock’ “, says Jaclyn recanting some of the musical adventures she went through as a teenager, “One producer kept telling me to lose my ‘country twang’ in my voice and I didn’t realize that was just a natural part of me.”

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