Heavy Hitters Hailing From Texas I AM Ink Deal with 1126 Records

Heavy Hitters Hailing From Texas "I AM" Ink Deal with 1126 Records

September 27, 2018 at 12:40 am


Heavy Hitters Hailing From Texas I AM Ink Deal with 1126 Records

I am

Welcome to Texas, y’all. I AM is the latest band to be signed by 1126 Records and is scheduled to make a big splash in the big ol’ metal pond! Texas is where metal is not only a big deal, it’s louder and heavier, and will melt your face off. But that is the way we like it down here in The Lone Star State! I AM definitely falls into the sub genre of heavy metal coined by so many metal bands refer to the style as “TEXAS DEATH.”

I AM take their influences from the big four (Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax) and also staple bands such as Pantera, Power Trip, and Cro-Mags.

With this lineup they have been solidifying Texas Death across North America on tour with bands like The Acacia Strain, For The Fallen Dreams, Kublai Khan, Left Behind and many more.

The band signed with 1126 Records in 2018 and began recording the new album with Randy Lebeouf at Graphic Nature Audio (Kublai Khan, Left Behind, and Great American Ghost) with a vision of capturing their chaotic live performance and power. By the time they left the Graphic Nature Audio summer of 2018, their sophomore album, Hard 2 Kill was laid down, or in the spirit of I AM, it was thrown down like a lead rug. The release drops on November 2nd and more information on the band taking up the concrete and heading out on tour as soon as it becomes available!

For now, make sure you keep your ear to the ground, listening intently for I AM to pound their way into your playlists!

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