ROYAL THUNDER Appearing With CKY at The World Famous TREES in Deep Ellum August 23

ROYAL THUNDER Appearing With CKY at The World Famous TREES in Deep Ellum August 23

August 17, 2018 at 9:54 pm


ROYAL THUNDER Appearing With CKY at The World Famous TREES in Deep Ellum August 23

Royal Thunder

Royal Thunder | Photo Credit: C. Bird 2018


What if a rock show featuring ROYAL THUNDER could magically save a part of your soul that was in need of saving or give you a slice of humility, or love, or healing? Or what if this rock show could help ward off the wicked things you were suffering from; if only for a few hours so that you could grab your bootstraps so that pulling yourself up was a little easier?

ROYAL THUNDERLook Lovelies, if you’ve read any of my articles and reviews about the Atlanta, Georgia rock band ROYAL THUNDER then you’ll know that when I reviewed their record WICK came out in 2017 from SPINEFARM RECORDS, I was head over heels for it and the band. (You can read my review here or check out the interview with lead singer/bassist MLNY PARSONZ here.) Not only does MLNY have a voice that will cut through the thickest wall of bullshit that surrounds your heart or even your whole spirit, but she plays the bass and for some odd reason, ever since JOHN TAYLOR of DURAN DURAN I’ve always gravitated towards bass players. I like the bass tone that resonates under the layers of the drums, guitar, and vocals. I like the lows it creates and I especially love it when the bassline stands out or is played with more than helping the drums keep a beat.

ROYAL THUNDER is a four-piece that delivers their brand of rock in a package that describing the sound is as easy as waving a wand to make your negative bank balance suddenly have a positive one. The music swings towards psychedelic, then again, the pendulum swings back to a groove-built stoner sound, then around to a 70’s metal before it was called metal vibe. MLNY reaches in that pot that no one wants to be stirred and brings up some of those life-nuggets that you’d rather stuff down than bring up. JOSH WEAVER and WILL FIORE follow along right in front with guitars that no one cares if they’re lead or rhythm, only that they continue playing along with MLNY because both tones tell an equally mesmerizing story that echoes MLNY’s.

If you’re in Dallas make plans for CKY, ROYAL THUNDER, SLAVES, and AWAKEN I AM – August 23rd, 2018. Tickets available here or if you wait til the day of the show, you can purchase tickets at the door – of course, it may sell out, so save yourself that stress and just purchase tickets online.

Here’s April Showers for those who aren’t familiar with ROYAL THUNDER. But I promise you’ll wanna be after hearing and seeing them live! #trust

Til Next Time – Or At The Royal Thunder Show – MLMR – Cherri

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