JIBE Returns To Gas Monkey Live August 10th With MAD MEXICANS, 5 BILLION & COUNTING, and CROMA

JIBE Returns To Gas Monkey Live August 10th With MAD MEXICANS, 5 BILLION & COUNTING, and CROMA

August 7, 2018 at 10:30 pm


Jibe Returns

Jibe (Gas Monkey Live – Dallas, TX) 7/08/17
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JIBE Returns To Gas Monkey Live August 10th With MAD MEXICANS, 5 BILLION & COUNTING, and CROMA

I have a theory about why bands are sometimes referred to as “legendary”. IMHO, legends are made from the molecules of life that attach to your soul, they connect with a part of you that is rarely ever seen by many but that connection stays with you. Music legends are created with this primordial matter; they have a beginning, a middle, and these creations have no end. Even after we are long gone the music from these legends will remain.

JIBE, an enormously talented Dallas band that began in 2000 and made an unheard-of comeback in late 2016, is one such legend. Don’t believe me? Ask any JIBE fan and I will bet you they will agree. Look, I can tell you that the Uprising (2003) record saved my life, literally. Before that, The song Naked In The Rain (In My Head, 2000) stands out and holds memories of a time long gone within the measures that I swear, when I hear it, those memories play on the screen in the back of my mind, just like when my granddaddy pulled out the projector and started those old family movies.

There’s the music, but there’s also the people that made the music and because of their experiences, life-lessons, heartaches, victories, gains, and losses gifted us a part of themselves through their music. And let’s be honest, these experiences that were interpreted into music and shared with no expectations except they hoped some people like it. This is how legends begin.

And even despite themselves, in the middle when the beginning was history and we all separated like oil and water, the legend continued to hum melodies in the background, dropping breadcrumbs that would be followed years later. Here’s proof. Joe Grah (singer for JIBE) says,

“Every bit of it is perception. We manifest and create our destiny. We are the purveyors, the creators – if we stay down on ourselves and become depressed and start crying about fuck this guy and fuck that, I can’t do this or I can’t do that – well, guess what? We stay depressed and down and nothing ever happens good. But if we do the opposite and get up, get out, good will find us and good will happen!”

“My path has been here since Day 1. Around me is constantly changing but we have to be willing and ready to accept it.”

JIBE’s music that grabbed ahold of us in the beginning, stayed with us in the middle and will remain far beyond our end. Until that day happens we’ll have JIBE’s music and when the stars align we’ll have a rock show to attend like this coming  August 10th at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas. Tickets are available here if they’re still available.

Appearing with JIBE is another epic band MAD MEXICANS, with special guests CROMA and 5 BILLION & COUNTING. Make sure to check for LIVE updates with me and come back for all the pictures from the show!

Til Then – MRML – Cherri

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JIBE Tour Dates:

8/10 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Live
8/13 West Hollywood, CA – Viper Room
8/16 Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
8/17 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory w/ Slash
9/26 Houston, TX – House Of Blues w/ Candlebox
10/18 Peoria, IL – Monarch Music Hall
10/19 Indianapolis, IN – Old National Center
10/20 Versailles, OH – BMI Indoor Speedway
10/21 Louisville, KY – Mercury Ballroom


Jibe (Gas Monkey Live – Dallas, TX)  7/08/17 ©2017 C. Bird Photography


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