OMV (Official Music Video) For BRAND OF JULEZ – “Falling Up” – Band On Tour Now!

OMV (Official Music Video) For BRAND OF JULEZ - "Falling Up" - Band On Tour Now!

August 28, 2018 at 11:18 pm


OMV (Official Music Video) For BRAND OF JULEZ – “Falling Up” – Band On Tour Now!

OTM Caught Up With the Members After Their Set – Read All About It Below


New York-based Heavy Rock Band BRAND OF JULEZ has released an official live video for the single “Falling Up.”. Filmed at Phase 2 in Lynchburg, Virginia, “Falling Up” is off of their July 13th debut, released LP, FORWARD.

BRAND OF JULEZ just flew into Dallas last week, on the ORGY, MOTOGRATER, and THE CROWNED  Bring Your Army Tour. Stopping at the World Famous TREES live music venue, I had the chance to meet the band, watch their set, and see if these guys can rock it or not!


Brand of Julez | Dallas, Texas | Trees | Photo Credit: Cherri Bird 2018

Watching BRAND OF JULEZ was cool not just because they’re from The Bronx, but what you’re supposed to wanna watch a band for, their music! And since it’s kinda a prerequisite that all band members have to have a mane of curly long hair, it was also fun to watch four heads of hair wave around the stage like the hair of those Troll doll heads that used to be on the end of pencils back in middle school! Don’t think they’d be insulted by that, they love their locks of rock!

I was more impressed with how this young band pulled together some killer anthem-like, arena, rock songs that sounded like they had been hits for the past 10 years. While talking with the band – interview coming soon – their drive and focus for success is over the top. In fact, Brandon Zamora is totally on a budget while he’s on tour and restrains himself from getting tats or swag from the cities the band stops in. He keeps his cash on the just in case the band needs it and so that he can grab a meal when the sun comes up! (Instead of waking up with a new tattoo and 17 cents to use as food money!)

When you think of the South Bronx, you don’t think of modern, melodic rock anthems, passionately aggressive vocals, heavy guitars, ripping solos, driving bass lines or pounding drums fills. However, that is exactly what Brand of Julez delivers night after night.

Brand of Julez was formed by brothers Julez Zamora (vocals/guitars) and Brandon Zamora (bass/backing vocals) in 2011 at the ripe old age of 16 and 13, Brand of Julez have climbed their way up the NYC ranks with a passion and fury that cannot be denied.


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