The Veer Union Cover LinkinPark’s NUMB Honoring Chester Bennington’s Life And His Contribution to Music

Veer UnionAs July 20th draws near, it is hard to think that a year has by without the voice of Chester Bennington, frontman for the band, LinkinPark. We have all felt the absence but with bands like The Veer Union and their cover of Numb, remembering will be easy.

Decade 2: Rock and Acoustic, a full-length album which drops on August 31, 2018, and features the LinkinPark tune Numb, as well as fan favorites of The Veer Union acoustic and acoustic-electric recorded tracks. Dynamically dark and offered with somber reverence, Crispin Earl echoes a promise to Chester to continue carrying his legacy. Fans of both bands will gravitate to the sincerity of the lyrics and the beauty in the band’s interpretation of one of LinkinPark’s most loved songs.

Watch the video on YouTube here.Veer Union“I decided to do this cover not only because everyone in The Veer Union are huge fans of Linkin Park and wanted to honor Chester Bennington and his immense contribution to the world with his voice and music, but on a personal level I have also struggled with depression which I have written and talked openly about for years. The song Numb has always spoken to me on a very personal level and all I can hope is that we did some justice to it, to pay homage to Chester. It was a tremendous loss, and he will live in our hearts and souls forever.”, says Crispin about the song.

Veer Union

We think that justice is something that should stay in a courtroom or that someone receives when doing something unlawful, Crispin! What you and the band have accomplished with Numb is panegyrically perfect! Well done!

Grab a copy of Numb and see for yourself. The track is now available to download via iTunes or listen here. Meanwhile, the Decade 2: Rock and Acoustic disc drops August 31st, revisiting many of their best songs in both electric and acoustic renditions. You can pre-order that release here.

The Veer Union are: Crispin Earl – Vocals/Songwriter/Producer | Ryan Ramsdell – Rhythm Guitar |Dan Sittler – Lead Guitar/Harmony Vocals

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The Veer Union Live photo credits: Cherri Bird | All rights reserved.

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