Even though they hail from rural Indiana, known more for cornfields than as a “Hot Bed” for Hard Rock and Metal music – the members of The Protest have embraced that American heartland work ethic and used their talent, drive, and determination to bring the band’s music to a global audience. Positive energy is abundant in their live shows and is showcased in the new album “Legacy”, due out July 13th on Rockfest Records/Sony.

Their new single What Else You Got is a fist-pumping anthem about never backing down and fighting on despite adversity – it’s sure to be used as a rallying theme song for college and pro sports in the near future.  The song is the fastest-rising of their career and has already climbed to #36 in just two weeks on the Mainstream Rock Indicator chart and #21 on the Billboard Christian Rock Chart. Previous singles Rebel Static”, “Vicious Cycle”, and “Welcome to the Freakshow” have laid the groundwork for the band’s current radio success.

The Protest wants to bring a little hope and redemption to Rock N’ Roll. Says frontman Josh Bramlett: “Just because the music is heavy doesn’t mean it can’t uplift people and encourage them. We have a desire to serve others and reach people around the world. We want fans leaving our shows feeling different – and better – than when they came in”.

Watch for the interview and record review from Cherri🍒 coming soon and don’t forget this gem from The  Protest drops into your laps on July 13th!

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