You can bet your sweet zombie gash that anytime WEDNESDAY 13 is scheduled to appear in Dallas, I am there, hands down and no questions asked. I scribble it in my planner months before and begin a countdown about two weeks before the show and my WEDNESDAY 13 Spotify playlist gets a little more traction.

This show came through with COMBICHRIST on Sunday, June 24 at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill and I was looking forward to seeing WEDNESDAY 13’s outdoor stage show because I have only seen the indoor show and was kinda looking forward to how Wednesday would bring the creep in the elements, outside four walls.

Ok, now since WEDNESDAY 13 dropped Condolences via Nuclear Blast last year they have had some awesome success with the record. I absolutely adore Condolences and think it is some of Wednesday’s best work to date. There is a dramatic shift on this record that really pushes the band to another level. I’m including the video below for you guys that haven’t seen this yet or that might be new fans to the WEDNESDAY 13 clan. Just click the link below!

“Condolences” OMV from Wednesday 13’s 2017 Release

Waiting for the band, I shimmied up to the front of stage left to perch myself for a few pics, I found myself singing out loud (apparently loud enough for the person next to me to hear me) the words to the TV show Greatest American Hero. I know it had to have been pretty loud if a girl heard me about 2 feet away, right in front of the draped speaker, blaring out the song. I kinda grinned and was like, “leave it to Wednesday to pick TV shows from the late 70’s to early 80’s!” She laughed and said it was cute how I knew all the words and was actually singing it out loud (thanks socially spawned Tourettes). Now, I can’t be 100% positive of this, but it seemed like something he would do just for the giggles. Of course, the hits just kept rollin’ with Three’s Company, Welcome Back, Kotter, the show with Weezy and George…The Jefferson’s, and Laverne & Shirley (sidenote: I always wanted a big cursive S on my shirts back then like Laverne’s L, never got it though…).

What’s funny about this, at least to me, is that the majority of the peeps at this show probably didn’t know WTF they were listening to and why these sing-songy tunes were being sung by the old folks in the crowd. No, I wasn’t the only one singing along…there is a god! Needless to say, it was a nostalgic treat which brings me to a question that maybe some of y’all can answer: Why is it that in the oddest and random times do I start singing The Greatest American Hero theme song? Like outta nowhere the words “Believe it or not, I’m walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free-ee-ee! Flyin’ away on a wing and a prayer…who could it be? Believe it or not, it’s just me!” And the best part is the key change to the bridge back to a sick guitar solo and a build back to the chorus…y’all just have to see for yourselves:

Believe it or not – I totally just linked you to this video for the theme song for “The Greatest American Hero

Alright, enough horse caca-ing around. Look, I know y’all that are WEDNESDAY 13 fans know what I’m talking about when I say, that moment the stage is dark and you can see the band come on stage, the music starts and that brief moment right before the lights find Wednesday…SHAZAM!!! there he is!! Y’all know that moment, right? Maybe some might argue that it happens with every band at every show, but I’d have to argue with you on that. There’s nothing like the lights illuminating Wednesday waving around his alpenstock wildly. I swear, there’s some kind of magic dust or sprinkles in that thing because about a third of the way into the song the whole audience is entranced by the band and Wednesday with his murdered out appearance!

In that millisecond between the dark and light, as the verse for What The Night Brings starts to exit Wednesday’s mouth you realize that you’re not just here to see a band that has some catchy songs about the propensities of death, or the gruesome and yet ironic types of words humans have that describe the life we live, right? You’re here because of the escape that WEDNESDAY 13 provides for almost an hour, you’re here because of the hilarity from where the early WEDNESDAY 13 catalog comes from; the sound that morphs with the spark of the All-American, hot dog eatin’, bee-bouncy-baloo-boppin’, and an all out killin’ spree by kid in a mask. “Greatest American Hero” kind of good time, feeling rock fused with the effervescence of those all-important 80’s horror movies that bubbled and brewed in teens of that era and the polar opposites within that mystically creates the magic of what binds them together!! Whewww dawgies!!! That is a mouthful and quite the run on sentence, I might add.

But it’s true! If you want to rate WEDNESDAY 13’s performance on where the band fits in the Genre Pool, go ahead. If you want to scoff at the masks and costuming worn throughout the show by Wednesday, do it! Hell, go ahead then and poke fun at the band’s makeup or all the members having black hair…that’s all your biz-nass, but #trust when I tell you that it doesn’t make one bit of a difference to Wednesday or his band. Even his fans really don’t care, unless they hear you saying it out loud, then some may have a few choice words for ya’, but all in good fun though.


If you do decide to look only at the obvious, I’ll have to say you’re missing out on some killer kibbles that are caught up in the various records Wednesday has released and the fun that is hidden in every album’s crypt. Not to mention, you’re just not getting the seriously unserious part of the music that is kinda making fun of people that look at it as “serious”, ya know? You’re missing the transformation of an artist, coming into his own, on his own, with the help of their band and fans, that goes without saying.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

I was so happy that I Walked With A Zombie, Bad Things, and of course Condolences made the setlist. I was gaga that I heard Serpent Society live finally – Mother of Freak this is probably one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard in my life and live it is even more enthralling than the song or the video! The setlist was definitely well-rounded for any stage of WEDNESDAY 13 fan; old or new. The crowd was totally entranced by Keep Watching The Skies which is a kickass tempest to “are we alone” and remind me, the next time I talk to Wednesday to ask him about his “hollow moon” theory because I have my own and I’d like to compare notes.

I’m always creeped out by the backward man part of the set and the last time “he” made an appearance Wednesday was draped in a long cloak. It was even eerier this show because there was no cloak and only Wednesday’s exposed skin which made the pointy movements even more accentuated by just skin over the bones that moved him. I dug it though, totally. And I loved the black horned demon-ish mask coupled with the Shroud of Darkness…I just made that part up, I don’t know what this demi-demon is or what he’s wearing is called. But I just named it so, there ya have that freebie Wednesday! I gotta say a little something though about the white dinner jacket with the white mask – dude. That shit-ake was free-key. I think “It” took on a whole other personality for us watching in the audience, because being a part with the chin exposed, it was hard to watch anything else that was happening on stage because it looked like someone else and not Wednesday in a mask. So, good show, well done, bravo on that one, sir!

Suffice to say with all of that babble above, seeing WEDNESDAY 13 in an outdoor venue was bad to the bone, even though it was toasty. It wasn’t as bad as some Texas summer nights can be, that’s for sure. If you have the opportunity to see the band outside of the normal walled venue, I recommend it. You can check out the remaining days of this run with COMBICHRIST by following WEDNESDAY 13’s socials linked below.  And look for my take on the Top 5 best WEDNESDAY 13 costumes, ever, on the Cherri Bird page along with more pictures from other WEDNESDAY 13 shows here in Dallas!

Til Next Time – MRML – Cherri

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