Flagged Channel is the New Record from Hyro the Hero

New Music From Hyro the Hero

June 29, 2018 at 3:44 pm


RED Music / SONY, proudly released“Flagged Channel” today, the new full-length record from HYRO THE HERO. This record takes the true talents of Houston Native now L.A. Resident, HYRO and wraps it all up nicely in an aggressively driven musical package. With uplifting boosts of lyrical masterpieces, combined with a hip-hop-rock-and-bounce-and-slam-it-down lyrical credibility, this record takes that hip-hop urgency on top of aggressive, uplifting and powerfully driven punk’n’ roll to new heights.

Haven’t heard of HYRO THE HERO before? Don’t worry, you will. With Bullet and Devil In Disguise featured on the most listened to streaming sites like Spotify, Google Play, and in regular rotation on Sirius Stations like Octane, HYRO and his music will be one of the biggest surprises out of the gate in quite some time. If you like guitar riffs that land near the tone and grit of Dime’s, you’ll dig HYRO. If you can bounce to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, you will roll with HYRO, no problem. If you love the beats and rhymes of rap, you’ll get down with any of HYRO‘s music.

His lyrical missives target the vacuous materialism of the rap world’s biggest pretenders with precision wordplay and heady flows, cutting through the tired narcissism of many hitmakers with a celebration of the brash confidence that makes hip-hop so vibrant.HYRO conjures the blood, sweat, and tears of classic punk together with the ambition of arena rock (WHEW!! That’s a mouthful but it’s right on the money!).

Recorded with producer Mitch Marlow (PAPA ROACH, BUTCHER BABIES, FILTER), “Flagged Channel” features guest appearances from MUNKY(KORN) and ASH COSTELLO (NEW YEARS DAY), the album is poised to inspire a new generation of heavy music enthusiasts and hip-hop heads in equal measure.

Let’s get after it, track by track and see what we’ve got! Ready? Let’s go!

  1. BULLET – power packed start, with zero inhibitions as HYRO hits the target with this track. Love the inferred message within the lyrics and how this song resonates with every pop of the tempo mixed with the guitars snapping back on my eardrums! Hellyes!! I dig what’s going on with the gains and those subtle drops… Great choice for a lead single – it’s like playing that crane game where you strategically have all of 25 seconds to nab that best prize, you know? And you get the prize on the first try and after 44 minutes you have a buttload of teeny stuffed animals…this just starts the record off on a great note!
  2. WE AIN’T AFRAID – this song brings me back for a second, but only a second. There is a giant early RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE foundation within this track. This mantra is mesmerizing and drives it home that fear shouldn’t be subscribed to by anyone and especially not HYRO. Dare I say this track sums up how culturally retarded we’ve become – and I mean that by the definition of mobility not within a person – like we’re trying to ride a unicycle on a road made of sticky tree sap.
  3. LIVE YOUR FUCKIN LIFE – I’m always up for an anthem that not only slays but one that can become an entire message, right? #LYFL This track is a direct call out to society’s obsession with the perception that we conjure up through the tiny screens of our devices and the platforms we wormhole through with them. It’s almost like magic to be able to become anything you want others to see – but in the end, it’s you that has to live with you – so don’t you want to live your fuckin’ life the way you want? Kick ass percussion & drops that wrap everything up all nice and dirty for ya! Totally dig the post-industrial groove and the off-track tempo. #killa
  4. SICK OF IT ALL – with a nice boost to the beat as HYRO interrupts with that proverbial tale much like one told by Aesop himself. Those grating guitars that blend against the eerie melody and the gleefully sung “la la la’s”…Love the hammering words that HYRO uses like tent stakes to pull and keep the tent he’s building from blowing away in the wind of mediocrity and disregard for what is right within all of us.
  5. LOCKED LOADED READY – BOOM!! Now here’s a track with thick riffs that hang out in front of the subs just for a second before being donkey punched in slo-mo right to your face. HYRO’s rhymes roll downhill and with a quickness! The whole song is primed and served up for anyone that needs a little upheaval in their lives, to grab on and run with it!
  6. KILLAS ARE COMINGthe jousting cadence of this song races down the line while the rider grips that big AF wood stick thing right at what’s on the other side and coming right for them. And hell yes I’m making a reference with a medieval sport to a song that is heavy with rock with the stick of rap!! I mean, picture what I’m saying y’all. Here’s a badass rock song that not only has Dime-like guitar tones, but it is supa-charged with the way HYRO sets this rap up in pieces. Don’t be tricked by the verses mimicking a chopped salad – they just contribute to the whole killa track. The Greek Sirens have nothing on what’s happening in the chorus though. The surprises are wound up in the roots…love, love, love this song!
  7. DEVIL IN DISGUISE – another heavyweight testimony to how concise HYRO is with strands of words that effortlessly spill from his mind and out of his mouth. It’s one thing to think things; what needs to change, how they could be changed, what you could say to spark that change – but damn it if the majority of people don’t let these inner monologues out; they keep them in…this is most def not how HYRO operates. #LYFL #sparkchange
  8. GET THE FUCK UP – look here y’all, this song is like sonic-cocaine – it will blaze and burn down your ear holes with a fury! This is the motivational poster for the activist, the rebel, the ambitious, the weak – anyone that needs to be “woke” by music, here y’all go! HYRO has perfect enunciation that delivers the message clearly and with purpose; to rise up to yourself first so you can double bounce the next person to get the fuck up!!
  9. DO OR DIE – how in the heck is it possible that so many people can sit and honestly ignore what the majority of us are saying? Why is it the few that gank it up for the many? The way this track knocks my marbles around inside my plastic head is proof that if I choose to, I can relate to anyone. Empathize with anyone. Practice tolerance with anyone. LOVE anyone. And with the buzzing bass and drums in the background, it is me that must choose to DO or DIE: in all things. How HYRO can manage not to trip over the speed of his own moving mouth, is amazing. Dig this track, so much!
  10. CLOSED CASKET – what’s the standout in this track are the drums and guitar act like paternal twins. HYRO’s brick and mortar in the beats and the poetry of the message slay in CLOSED CASKET.
  11. NEVER BACK DOWN – man, I really need to own this. The chorus glides along this path that was already forged by the verses, the melody making turns in and out of the measures. Dude, HYRO knows how to bring the rap and mix it with rock – dare I say “rap is the new rock”?? Damnit, I gotta write that one down! I just like the poke the tempo pushes through the rice paper and reveal whatever the listener needs to see, feel, hear…all so we all never back down, about anything or for anyone.
  12. LET THE SNAKE SHOW – no!! Don’t let the snake show for god sake! Ha! Kidding. Man, I love the guitar tapping out like Morse Code, a feeling or a pacemaker of feelings. HYRO continues to impress even as this last track comes to an end. The talent he has to muster and mix rock with groovy melodies coupled with the kind of guitar tones you hear on songs featured and talked about by EDDIE TRUNK from “That Metal Show” and bend them to fit with the up and down beats of hip-hop, is brilliant! But come on, don’t bring that snake out of its basket like you were at a revival out in the middle of West Texas and wave it around to prove a point…it’ll bite you. Eventually.

“Flagged Channel” is now available via RED MUSIC/SONY and ready for download on any music outlet like Google Play. Follow HYRO’s Socials for all the deets about the release and be the first to know of any tour dates coming down the pipe.

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