Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 3.
Live Studio Session at Big Acre Sound (Copper Canyon, TX)

– Words by Dustin Blocker // Photos by James Villa –

EXCLUSIVE SESSIONS: Brandon Callies Band at Big Acre // Photo by James Villa
Typically fronting a five piece folk-rock band in Austin, Texas, singer-songwriter, Brandon Callies brought in a sole backing instrumentalist, cellist Mark Williams, for Hand Drawn Records newest compilation record, Volume 3. Tracking a previously unreleased acoustic track, “one rainy day on conGRess street,” the unencumbered nature of the session seemed a perfect pairing for Callies distinctively honeyed vocal style and Williams temperate bravura.

SOUNDCLOUD: “one rainy day on coNGress street” by Brandon Callies Band | Hand Drawn Records – A Compilation. Volume 3.

“Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 3.” – Releasing May 10th, 2014


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