Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 3.
Live Studio Session at Big Acre Sound (Copper Canyon, TX)

– Words by Michal Elizabeth Smith // Photos by Ronnie Jackson –

EXCLUSIVE SESSIONS: Exit 380 at Big Acre // Photo by Ronnie Jackson

Seasoned veterans, Exit 380 tracked their single, “The Love Sleeps” for Hand Drawn Records’ third compilation album. The track is tinged with an alt-country spirit—featuring; harmonica, mandolin and exhilarating stride-piano (courtesy a last-minute addition of fellow label artist, and session producer, Andrew Tinker). The manifestation of this on-the-spot collaboration filled the room full of good vibes, and we expect the finished product to be one of the standouts from the sessions.

A full studio version of the track is expected to make an appearance on Exit 380’s sixth full studio album, Photomaps, set to release this July on HDR.

SOUNDCLOUD: “The Love Sleeps” by Exit 380 | Hand Drawn Records – A Compilation. Volume 3.

“Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 3.” – Releasing May 10th, 2014

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