“Broods EP” by BROODS

February 6, 2014 at 5:00 pm


– By Michal Elizabeth Smith –


BROODS self-titled EP is far from disappointing. Caleb and Georgia Nott are Auckland natives, alongside the beloved Lorde. The brother-sister duo released their first single in early January entitled “Bridges,” a spine-tingling tune packed with A-1 riffs and catchy beats. Lorde might have herself some competition, and rightfully so.

Their track “Pretty Thing” displays Georgia’s hauntingly beautiful upper register and some top-notch harmonies between her and Caleb. Between the drums beat and Georgia’s vocals, you will have wished this song lasted more than just three minutes.

The duo uses minimal electronic elements with their track “Taking You There.” It is with this very track that they prove their talent to be true. It’s easy to get lost in complex layers, but they stripped many of them away and still passed with flying colors.

Pick up their self-titled EP on iTunes and patiently await the arrival of their full length later this year.


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