South Side Ballroom (Dallas, TX)
– Words by Michal Elizabeth Smith / Photos by James Villa –

Whenever I mention the name “Chvrches” people don’t typically have any clue as to what I am referencing and often assume I am talking about an establishment. I prefer to be secretive when it comes to favorite musicians of mine because it always saddens me a little when they become popular, but in all honesty it’s because I hate sharing. I am setting aside my childish ways to share with you a fantastic synth pop band, Chrvches.

Glasgow’s electro-pop trio made a stop in Dallas during their headlining tour at South Side Ballroom, the former Palladium Ballroom, Saturday, November 23rd. Thirty of us braved the miserable thirty degree weather for what felt like an eternity in order to get as close as possible to the stage. It felt as if an angel from Heaven rescued us when security let us in a few minutes early. Fans, including me hastened to the stage after tickets were scanned to secure a spot for what would later be known as an epic show.

CHVRCHES (South Side Ballroom - Dallas, TX) 11/23/13

Nashville, Tennessee natives, Basecamp opened the show with their soothing and hypnotic ambient beats. Imagine Bon Iver’s voice with soft hip-hop beats and that’s how Basecamp sounds. The anticipation of Chvrches kept me from becoming somnolent. A feeling of claustrophobia and an extreme heat wave came over me as fans pushed their bodies closer to the front, but I wasn’t going to give up my perfect front and center view for a temporary issue. An eccentric light show fell before our eyes, and we all stared blindly at them awaiting the arrival of Chvrches.

CHVRCHES (South Side Ballroom - Dallas, TX) 11/23/13

The trio opened their set with “We Sink”, an upbeat, bass heavy tune; a favorite among mine. Front-woman, Lauren Mayberry is as cute as a button both on and off stage, but don’t let that fool you; she has a powerful stage presence. Band mates, Martin Doherty and Iain Cook supplied beats that kept us moving and jumping around for the entirety of the show. Together, they accomplished the ultimate goal for musicians: putting a fantastic show that leaves fans more than satisfied. Doherty assumed the role of frontman during their last song “Under the Tide” where he displayed dance moves I didn’t even know existed.

Chvrches are an exemplary electronic band, and I don’t think I can keep them a secret for much longer because the proof is in the pudding. Mayberry will melt your heart with her charming personality, and Cook and Doherty will put a smile on your face with their charismatic personalities. Oh, and they put on one hell of a show.

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