“Black Books” by Black Books

November 7, 2013 at 9:53 pm


– Black Books by Brandon Callies –


Austin based band, Black Books, create an indie masterpiece with their new self-titled album. There is an intensity among the ambiance in songs like “Favorite Place” and “Something To Remember” which showcases the band’s ability to blend light guitar work with hard hitting drums and bass. On the other end of the spectrum are songs like “Paradise” and “The Big Idea” which can be very dark but anthemic at time.

Ross Gilfillan’s unique vocal style and lyrical content help to make a big atmosphere huge. Like an oil painting, one sees the big picture first, but upon closer inspection the beauty is in the details. The layers keep the album exciting and inspire the listener to pay closer attention. There is no wasted space and no filler on this album.

Black Books by Black Books

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