“Aftershock” by Motorhead

November 11, 2013 at 7:40 pm


– By Brandon Callies –

Motorhead is a band that is thankfully sticking to it’s story with the new album, Aftershock. The album is laced with signature punk, blues, and rock n roll songs that have made the band a fixture in rock music. Songs like, “Heartbreaker” and “Death Machine” are well balanced out by, “Dust and Glass” and “Lost Woman Blues.”

From start to finish, the listener is guaranteed to be captivated by the intensity that the band exudes. Aftershock is an album for the degenerates. It’s an anthem for the gamblers, drinkers, and vagabonds. In a time when rock music has become so safe and polished, a band like Motorhead is a must. LONG LIVE LEMMY KILMISTER!

New Album: "Aftershock" by Motorhead

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