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Venomous Rat Regenerator Vendor is the most powerful full length from Rob Zombie since 98’s Hellbilly Deluxe.  With the B-rated porn and horror film soundbites the record harkens to original White Zombie. The additions of guitarist John 5 and drummer Ginger Fish to Piggy D’s thick bass culminates in a raunch-funk, heavy metal LP built for fist-pumping.

Rob Zombie is the rhinestone tiger in a leisure suit, bringing it back bigger and badder than many fans thought capable.  Turn it up to 12, roll down the windows, and let everyone know who you’re listening to.

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie

Punch. Your. Mouth. “PUSH PLAY”

"Venomous Rat Regenerator Vendor" by Rob Zombie (2013)

“Venomous Rat Regenerator Vendor” by Rob Zombie (2013)

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Rob Zombie

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