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Ours revisits their early sound on their new record Ballet the Boxer 1, and it’s a welcome homecoming. The band has kept their fans waiting since 2008’s Mercy, Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy for a new release, but the wait has not been in vain.

The album starts with “Pretty Pain” and keeps the listener on a beautiful roller-coaster until it’s conclusion with “Fall Into My Hands.” Emotion is poured into every songs with Jimmy Gnecco‘s somber falsetto and signature scream. The mixing of emotion and vivid imagery keeps the listener engaged throughout the ride. Ours will always have my attention, and they have once again proven why with Ballet the Boxer 1.

Jimmy Gnecco – Ours | James Villa Photography © 2013 On Tour Monthly LLC

"Ballet the Boxer" by OURS

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