– We’rewolves by Dustin Blocker


Eight tracks of crunchy, blues border the thin line between an overt amount of grime and just enough grease in the debut eponymous effort of Fort Worth’s We’rewolves.  The results are as singularly trippy as they are lavishly conventional.

A salient mash of heavy rhythms, brutal guitars, horns and waveform synth dot each track, giving the tide of each song independence, all the while, ascribing them to steady form.  Every song’s arrangement plays out like a standalone composition, yet it’s the cohesiveness that is so exhilarating.

Howling and subtle all at once, an adept debut that absolutely deserves repeat visits.  A “Push Play” of the highest order.

We'rewolves by We'rewolves

Runnin’ to Sanity (LIVE)

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