“Self Entitled” by NOFX

June 20, 2013 at 4:21 pm


– By Chris Whitehead –


Let me start off by saying this is a much better album than their last LP Coaster. NOFX isn’t a band for everyone, but for those that have grown up over the last 25 years with them, you know what to expect. There’s well placed humor, Mike’s political and religious views, and a little social commentary. Self Entitled is no game-changer, but it is faster, a little angrier, and more focused than last couple LP’s.

NOFX typically follows two rules; anything goes, and nothing is taken too seriously. If you weren’t aware of this, listen to “72 Hookers” and you’ll understand.

"Self Entitled" by NOFX

“Self Entitled” by NOFX

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