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Coheed and Cambria is the perfect example of a band whose technicality prevents them from writing great songs. They are not progressive enough to be as captivating as King Crimson, and they have just enough mainstream appeal to be boring.

The Afterman: Descension does nothing that the band has not already done with their previous releases. The high point of the album is a song called “Number City” which combines Coheed and Cambria’s signature sound with a more danceable aesthetic. The next song “Gravity’s Union” quickly puts the listener back on the downward slope. Coheed and Cambria is one of the safest prog bands out there.

Progressive. Boring. Safe. “DON’T PUSH PLAY”

"The Afterman: Descension" by Coheed and Cambria

Dark Side of Me (Album Version
Coheed and Cambria

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